Pre Vocational Training


Alongside our Academy, students can further their study in the Performing Arts at Jazzartuk and gain accredited SQA qualifications.

At Jazzart, we offer:

Higher Dance (SCQF Level 6)

National Progression Award in Dance (SCQF Level 4)

National Progression Award in Musical Theatre (SCQF Level 6)


Make your Dance Certificates count as credits for University and College entry!

Jazzartuk was the nation’s first Independent Centre to offer Higher certification in Dance.

Over the 10 years of presenting students, we have achieved 100% A passes in all technical studies with 80% of candidates gaining an A in the overall exam.

We are recognised not only as a Centre of Excellence by the SQA but as a Model of Good Practice by HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate) with teachers registered with the C.D.E.T.

Students completing this course can, not only, go on to professional Performing Arts training but can use the credits gained towards their university or college application.

Higher Dance Course Outline:

SCQF Level 6

This course provides opportunities for learners to be inspired & challenged by creating, demonstrating & appreciating dance. You will use knowledge & understanding of dance techniques & choreographic skills to inform practice & will also develop skills in appreciating dance practice & theatre arts.

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification but you will be expected to have experience in Dance & performance.

Higher Dance is made up of the following units:

+ Choreography
+ Technical Skills
+ Contemporary
+ Jazz

(Individual units can also be studied. These include: Classical (Ballet) & Highland)

Progression from Higher Dance can be on to further National Progression Awards in Performing Arts & Higher National Certificate/Diploma full-time study.

Aims of the Qualification:

+ Develop a broad range of technical dance skills.
+ Understand & apply knowledge of a range of choreographic skills to create a dance for a group.
+ Work imaginatively & demonstrate creativity through problem solving, critical thinking, analysis & reflective practice.
+ Co-operate, support & work with others.
+ Consider how theatre arts can enhance a performance.
+ Develop knowledge, understanding & appreciation of dance practice.
+ Apply the principles of safe dance practice.
+ Evaluate your own work & the work of others.

Units are internally assessed and you will extend & apply the skills you have learned during the course. This will be assessed through a performance of two technical solos & a practical activity in which you will create a group choreography & review the choreographic process.

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National Progression Award in Dance (SCQF Level 4)

The National Progression Award (N.P.A) in Dance at SCQF level 4 is mainly practical based with elements of theory based work. It offers you the opportunity to develop choreographic skills & two different styles of dance:

+ Classical (Ballet)
+ Jazz Dance

There are no specific entry requirements, however it is expected that you have an interest & some experience in Dance & performance.

Most assessment is practical – you will demonstrate basic dance technique, sequences, short studies & will also perform short dances which will be videoed. You will also be assessed on your understanding of the dance forms you are learning.

Progression from the N.P.A level 4 can be into Dance Units at Higher level or Higher Dance (both at SCQF level 6).

Aims of the Qualification:

+ Gain an appropriate learning experience in Dance at a non-advanced level.
+ Develop a range of appropriate practical skills, knowledge & understanding relevant to dance
technique & performance.
+ Develop choreographic skills which will allow creative movement to evolve.
+ Apply specific choreographic devices through tutor-led tasks & workshops.
+ Develop critical thinking skills within the context of self-analysis.
+ Take charge of your own learning & development.
+ Experience live performances in order to broaden your experience of dance.
+ Develop communication & interpersonal skills.

The N.P.A Dance is a 120 hour programme of study and equates to a minimum of 3 credits. A minimum of 18 SCQF points are required to achieve the award.


National Progression Award in Musical Theatre (SCQF Level 6)

The National Progression Award (N.P.A) in Musical Theatre (SCQF level 6) offers you the opportunity to develop your skills in the areas of acting, music & dance, all in the context of Musical Theatre. The N.P.A also provides the specific skills, knowledge & resources that may be called upon when preparing for auditions for entry to Musical Theatre, Drama or Music courses and/or the Theatre or Performing Arts profession.

There are no specific entry requirements but you should have performing skills broadly equivalent to SCQF level 4 to access this award. It would be beneficial if you had some previous experience of either Drama, Dance or Musical Theatre.

This NPA will give you a platform which could allow you to progress into further education and Diploma courses.

Aims of the Qualification:

+ Develop a range of skills associated with the triple discipline of Musical Theatre practice.
+ Develop a range of appropriate skills in voice, movement & acting.
+ Develop skills for presentation at audition.
+ Apply combined practical skills in audition format.
+ Work in rehearsal & performance creatively.
+ Develop self-education skills, enabling professional development.
+ Develop the ability to work independently & in groups with a professional outlook

The N.P.A in Musical Theatre is a 120 hour programme of study in total, which equates to a minimum of 3 credits. There is one mandatory unit & two other units should be selected from the optional section.


+ Acting Through Song


+ Solo Singing Skills
+ Group Singing Skills
+ Group Dance Performance
+ Preparation for Audition