Full Time Professional Courses


Jazzart’s Full-Time Professional School offers options for up to 3 years vocational training.

Professional Training Courses

Two year professional diploma  in Musical Theatre

Two year professional diploma in Professional Dance Performance

Three Year  Degree Level (9) in Performing Arts – full info to follow ….. apply now for this unique qualification …….

One year Foundation course in Performing Arts

Jazzartuk is renowned for producing hard working, dedicated young professional performers. With hard work, determination and our outstanding training our graduates go out into the professional world and forge long and happy professional careers.

Our courses have been structured by and designed to meet the challenges of modern day theatre practices thro consultation with educators and professionals from the USA, UK and Europe.

Our Faculty are current industry professionals who have trained and performed internationally and are graduates of some of the finest institutions globally, their dedicated input to our courses ensures Jazzartuk offers a comprehensive and effective course of study in singing, acting and dance in Scotland.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact JAZZART  to discuss the course most suitable for them and ensure they are guided to apply for the correct course. We understand this is a life changing decision and are happy to advise you about the correct pathway for your career.


Our training in all disciplines is delivered with the highest standards expected from our students in each discipline. Jazzart believes that public performing teaches you more about your craft than hours of classroom based learning.

Our students are given several opportunities to perform throughout the year including our

Annual Pantomime Tour

in House Dance Productions

Go Dance (Theatre Royal)

Fringe/ small scale  Musical

Spring Concert Hall Production –

Large scale summer musical production.

In addition, our students are given the opportunity to perform in one off concerts, tv, films, pop dvd’s and studio based performances throughout the year as part of their professional development.

At Jazzart we are always honest, constructive and truthful in our feedback to students . We see no point in being perpetually positive when students need encouraged to respect their chosen career and the dedication and commitment needed to succeed in the industry.


Jazzart attracts both national and international tutors and consultants who supplement our core teaching staff bringing unique skills to the studio. Our tutors all work at a professional level and are still active in the industry at the highest level, we embrace their ongoing input into our courses and appreciate the skills they share with us.

Jazzartuk wants you to succeed in the profession be it a singer, actor, dancer, musical theatre performer, choreographer or director our network of casting agents and agents ensures to are guided into the correct pathway to a successful career.

Professional Courses on offer

+ Three Years degree level (9) in Performing Arts

+ Two/ Three year full-time Musical Theatre Diploma Course

+ Two/Three year full-time Professional Dance Diploma Course

+ One-Year postgraduate courses in Musical Theatre or Dance

+ One year Prevocational Performers Course.



The demand for triple threat performers has never been higher – all of Jazzart’s Musical Theatre students are required to act, sing & dance to an international standard.

Equal focus will be placed on each discipline and challenged to push your boundaries and question your limits. You will be fully prepared to meet the key players in the industry who can help you take your steps to a successful career.

All your regular tutors will be industry professionals in their field and our regular masterclasses will ensure you are kept up to date with trending styles.

Unique in the UK – Musical theatre students can study RAD Ballet to Advanced 2 level giving students another professional option to follow.

Jazzart’s professional Musical Theatre course gives all students a strong technical base from which to develop and flourish, the confidence to learn and the ambition to succeed.

Our focus is always on performance with the use of technique to enhance both individuality & creativity to achieve world class standards and international employability.

The course consists of the following:

Musical Theatre Repertoire

Acting for Camera

Vocal Techniques

Developing skills for Musical Theatre

Drama Workshop


Audition Technique & Preparation

Commercial, technical Jazz, Commercial, Street dance, Tap & Classical Ballet Technique

Choreographic Development for Musical Theatre

Professional Development

Along with up to 7 performance opportunities throughout the year.



Singing / Voice Production

A vital & unique feature of Musical Theatre. The aim of the singing lesson is to ensure that the student can produce a consistent sound throughout the vocal range without a noticeable break between registers. We aim to assist the student in building up a repertoire featuring musical theatre, blues, jazz & contemporary songs. Focus will be placed on material suitable for different kinds of auditions likely to be encountered.

Acting / Drama Workshops

The acting module focusses on encouraging the student to perform in a convincing & true to character way by:

Developing imagination, concentration & observation
Developing effective, disciplined work as a member of a team
Building confidence in using a wide range of acting styles & techniques

Improvisations & exercises to explore life experienced will be used to inspire understanding of a character. There are individual tutorials on audition speeches included.

Allows the student to create & develop characters, script & relationships. A good knowledge of their own role in the class & the constant development of group respect & aspirations are paramount to creating exciting & believable performances.

Graded Unit: Musical Theatre

The Graded Unit is designed to provide evidence that the candidate has achieved the following principal aims of the course:

Skills in singing, movement, acting & stagecraft.
The ability to integrate these skill in performance.
Preparation for audition for employment or places at Higher Education establishments.
To develop the student as a performer & be able to meet the needs of the market.

The student will prepare & present an audition consisting of a monologue, a song & a dance or movement piece. The song, acting & dance pieces may be combined where appropriate. The monologue & song must be chosen from published material. The combined time of all pieces should be approximately 5 – 7 minutes long & should enable the synthesis of knowledge & skills acquired throughout the year. The student will have a mentor that will approve their material & guide them through the production of their piece.


Monitoring of progress will be continuous. The student will receive reports from each of their subject tutors. In addition, the course director will oversee their progress.

All productions, presentations & projects will be assessed by the relevant tutors & feedback will be given immediately to the student once the work is completed.

Jazzartuk is recognised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education as a national training scheme & a model of Good Practice.


Jazz Dance

Jazzartuk’s unique training scheme aims to develop flexibility & strength, to enable performance with energy, speed, stamina, co-ordination & control. The student will gain the confidence necessary for auditions & to work in varying jazz dance skills including Commercial, Hip-Hop, Street Dance & Lyrical.

Tap Dance

The student will build a vocabulary of steps & be able to provide a repertoire of combinations. They will develop competence in different tap styles & be versatile performers with a sense of dynamics. Following in the footsteps of our founder Bette Clark (undefeated Tap Dance World Champion), Jazzartuk continues to promote the art of American Rhythm Tap.

Classical Ballet

This is the foundation for all other dance disciplines. Classical Ballet aims to develop an understanding of stance, placement & turn-out. The student will focus on understanding how to avoid injury during this module. All students can be entered for Intermediate vocational Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

The essence of all performance is energy transfer through centred movement – dance & choreography aids the delivery. The student will be encouraged to create their own work throughout all vocational courses.


Musical Theatre

A monologue

A solo song – any style (you must bring the backing track/and or sheet music) If you have a solo dance prepared then please bring along the music.

You will also take part in:

+ A basic ballet workshop.
+ A jazz / commercial workshop.
+ Ensemble vocal workshop.
+ Drama Workshop

Please come dressed to dance.


The student will have a high grade pass in National 5/Higher English.

Entry is by audition only. The student will take part in the following:

Ballet Class
Jazz Class
Vocal Ensemble
Drama Workshop

The student will prepare a song & monologue.

There will be a formal interview with the audition panel.

The student is expected to wear appropriate dance wear for Ballet & Jazz class. Comfortable clothing should be worn for workshops. Hair must be back from the face at all times & no jewellery is allowed.

Entry to second year after completion of year 1 is not automatic. The student will be required to audition for their place on the 2nd year of study.


                                                                       FEES & FUNDING for Full – Time Training

Jazzartuk is one of the few private, independent SQA Approved Centres running professional training courses in Scotland.

Tuition fees are kept to a minimum but reflect the expertise and calibre of our faculty, quality of facilities, size of class groups and number of practical contact hours offered.

Applications and Auditions are free (unlike many colleges)

Read the following and get back to us with any questions



Eligible students receive £1,205 from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland each year. Scottish Nationals and some international students can apply for SAAS funding and you can apply through the SAAS website before the deadline. If successful this sum is paid directly to Jazzartuk and deducted from the total-leaving a balance of £2.795 which can be paid by bursary, student loan or self- funding.

*A deposit of £295 is payable on acceptance.

*10 monthly payments of £250 are due on the 1st of each month (September – June).

*All deposits and tuition fees are non-refundable.

*Payment to Jazzartuk can be made by Bank Transfer,  cheque or cash .details can be obtained from the office.

*Enrolment for the course is for its entirety – three terms per year.

*Students are responsible for applying to any/all funding sources including SAAS.


Successful applicants who are not eligible for SAAS funding pay a non- returnable deposit of £500 followed by 10 monthly payments of £350, (September – June)


To discuss any aspect of course fees and payment methods call Jazzartuk on 07774 133972.




Many local authorities manage pockets of funding and bursaries for performing arts – contact them directly and/or seek advice from elected members.

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