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Auditioning from home

As circumstances have pushed performing arts colleges to find alternatives to standard auditions, online auditions are now one of the few solutions left. Called self-taping, this online audition process allows us, as well as many other colleges worldwide, to evaluate potential students.


Perfecting your recording

Self-taping requires a bit of effort to make sure the recording you are submitting is as polished as possible. Not only should you focus on the actual audition instructions, but you should also be mindful of the overall quality of your recording.


Arrange your space

When it comes to filming, make sure you have arranged the space around you to be as neutral as possible.

For example, and it may seem obvious, but it is necessary to be reminded: make sure you remove piles of clothes, make your bed, tell anyone else in the room to leave, or even take any pets out of the room. Anything that might distract or disturb your performance, or distract the panellists viewing your recording.


Optimise the recording quality

With self-recording, the expectations are not ones of a professional-quality video. However, there are some tips that must be taken into account to ensure the final recording is of receivable quality.

Make sure you are filming in a well-lit room, whether it is natural or artificial light. Be careful of the light source not being directly aimed at the camera objective, as it will “blind” it, and therefore will not allow it to focus and adjust.

Before filming, check for any echo in the room. When singing and dancing on recording, an echo can not only affect your performance but also lowers the quality of the recording if it is too strong. Also, check for any background noises before recording.

Finally, make sure your camera is placed at the correct angle. This is even more important for the dancing part of your audition, as dancing around might lead to you being out of frame if the angle is not right.


Set a take limit

Since you are providing the recording yourself, you might be tempted to record as many takes as necessary until you are satisfied with the result. However, contrary to what you may think, this will not benefit you. In real-life auditions, you get one shot. When it’s time to self-record, we would encourage you to set a limit for yourself on the number of takes you record. This will be valuable training for future auditions and is good practice to give everything you’ve got on the first try.


Jazzart self-recording requirements

Our audition process has temporarily switched to home-auditions. Using the tips and advice described above, our requirements for self-recording auditions are the following:


Musical Theatre

  1. Song any style – showing your range and performance/ character (max 1.5 minutes)
  2. Short monologue or poem suitable for age group (1 Minute)
  3. A short movement sequence – highlighting your ability (dancers)or creativity (non-dancers)
  4. Film a short resume of your performance/ training experience stating your dreams and ambitions in performing arts



  1. 1-minute dance any style showing your flexibility
  2. 1-minute dance in a contrasting style showing performance quality.
  3. Film a short resume of your performance/ training experience stating your dreams and ambitions in performing arts


Please ensure you dress appropriately for all disciplines.


We hope our expert advice on self-recording will help the true superstar in you shine! For any additional questions on the Jazzart audition process, please get in touch with us through our Facebook page or Jazzartuk.mail@gmail.com!

A celebration of women in the performing arts industry : Part 3

Sheridan Nicol

Spanning 5 decades, Sheridan has worked in most entertainment and arts industries! From small scale touring to large scale productions, she is known throughout the world for her honest, no nonsense approach to creating quality, crafted, creative work. Founding Jazzart in 1994, from the Clark Theatre School, Sheridan has always encouraged young Scottish talent to follow their dreams. She is the boss!

Joanne Tulips

Joanne is our head of Musical Theatre. After touring professionally both as a dancer and an actress, Joanne set her sights on the launch of her own Theatre Company – Arkeen, which is now in its 13th year! Joanne creates professional school tours for various different education departments – inspiring younger students for the future!

Gillian Annettes

Gillian is our head of Drama who was a former pupil of the Clark Theatre School, also trained at The Royal Academy of Music and Drama. Her varied career has allowed her to work as an actor, director and choreographer. Along with her Jazzart career, Gillian has worked extensively in Arts & Education for Scottish Opera and MacRobert Arts Centre.

Caroline Graham

Caroline, who is our head of Ballet, has trained in all styles of dance from a young age. After graduating, Caroline danced in theatres in dance companies in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and throughout Europe with a career lasting 13 years. For the past 14 years, Caroline has been a freelance teacher, teaching within the central belt of Scotland!


Jazzart is not a one-stop shop. These amazing women prove to our students that there is no limit on what can be achieved! Their inspiration will carry on in the students of Jazzart and beyond!

A Celebration of Women in the Performing Arts Industry : Part 2

While it’s great to acknowledge the achievements of a small selection of iconic actors with years of experience in the musical theatre industry, we also wanted to pay tribute to a few of our own female alumni Jazzart superstars!

Mia Musak

Mia studied musical theatre at Jazzart between 2015 and 2017 before landing the role of Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty at Dundee’s Gardyne Theatre. Since graduating, she has gone on to perform in the musical version of The Steamie in The Hydro, landed a cruise ship contract in 2019 and most recently celebrating signing a year-long contract to appear in TINA the musical in London’s Aldwych Theatre! One of Mia’s highlights of being at Jazzart was the strong friendships and connections that are made whilst studying.

Ainsley Stenhouse
Ainsley trained for 2 years at Jazzart where she specialised in musical theatre. After graduating she landed the role of Dorothy in The National Tour of The Wizard of Oz which she credits to the professional experience she gained throughout her training.

Fiona McCallum

Fiona studied professional dance for 2 years at Jazzart. Her proudest moment to date is turning up to her first audition and successfully being hired onto the contract 5 days later! At the moment, Fiona is currently part of the dancer cast of the show ‘Mickey at the Magician’ in Disneyland Paris!

Katie MacFarlane

After being part of the part time school for 15 years, Katie studied an HND professional dance performance course for 2 years. Some of Katie’s highlights from being at Jazzart are performing in every annual school show, the amazing tuition from both tutors and guest tutors, then going on to teach and guide the younger students.

If you’re feeling inspired by what you’ve read and think you have what it takes to pursue a career in the performing arts industry, check out our selection of full time courses to become a Jazzart Superstar today! Keep your eyes peeled for our final instalment of International Women’s Day blogs!

A celebration of women in the performing arts industry : Part 1

In honour of International Women’s Day, at Jazzart, we wanted to take a minute to celebrate some of the finest female performers in the musical theatre industry. Through hard work and determination, these actors have gone on to have amazing careers while undoubtedly bringing much joy and inspiration to aspiring actors who want to follow in their footsteps. Here’s a short list of some of our favourites:

Dame Julie Andrews

Easily one of the most beloved performers in the world, Dame Julie Andrews first found success on the English stage in the late 1940s before moving to America where she made her Broadway debut in The Boyfriend. In 1956 she starred opposite Rex Harrison as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady for which she received her first Tony Nomination. Other notable performances include her roles as Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music respectively, which have remained popular classics to this day!

Idina Menzel
Born in New York City in 1971, Idina Menzel made her Broadway debut playing Maureen in Rent, a role which she reprised in the 2005 film version. In 2003 she starred alongside Kristin Chenoweth as Elphaba in the musical Wicked for which she received the 2004 Tony Award for best leading actress. Aside from musical theatre, Menzel has also had many successful roles in both television and film, most recently voicing the character of Elsa in Frozen and Frozen 2.

Liza Minelli
As a teenager, Liza Minnelli gave up her studies to pursue a stage career in New York and it was here that she landed her first leading Broadway role as the titular Flora in The Red Menace. Despite only running for a few weeks, Minelli won a Tony Award for her performance and as she was only 19 at the time, this made her one of the youngest performers to ever win the award. In 1972, she performed arguably her most iconic role; Sally Bowles in the movie Cabaret for which she won an Academy Award.

Barbara Streisand
Not only has Barbara Streisand sold approximately 250 million records worldwide, she is the only artist to have earned honours from all the major award institutions, including: 2 Academy Awards, 1 Tony Award, 5 Emmys, 10 Grammys, 13 Golden Globes and the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Some of the most significant musical theatre performances from her long and successful career include: Fanny Bryce in Funny Girl, Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly and Yentl in Yentl.

Martha Graham
Martha Graham is recognized as a primal artistic force of the 20th century. Her style, the Graham technique, reshaped American dance and is still taught worldwide. Martha danced and taught for over 70 years! TIME magazine named her as “Dancer of the Century” and People magazine named her among the female “Icons of the Century”. In 1926, Martha founded her dance company and school, living and working out of a tiny Carnegie Hall studio in midtown Manhattan. The Martha Graham School is the oldest professional school of dance in the United States and the only one primarily focused on the Martha Graham Technique and repertory. Martha Graham is most definitely iconic!

Look out for Part 2 of our International Women’s Day blog!

FAQs in performing arts

Pursuing a Performing Arts full-time course is not exactly considered a “normal” degree. For both parents and students, we want to make it clear that a career in Performing Arts is as, if not more, rewarding as any other career. Everyone has different plans, different passions, and we are here to encourage any performer who wants to turn their passion into a legitimate career. We have put together this blog in the hopes of answering questions that are frequently asked about Performing Arts, and hopefully give more clarity on what full-time courses can really offer you.  

Do I need to have a special talent?

  The answer to that is yes and no. Yes, having an innate talent is certainly a gift and a bonus when it comes to Performing Arts. However, practice makes perfect, and if you rely solely on your talent and don’t train hard enough, you are very unlikely to achieve your goals. Hard work, discipline and practice are what will enhance your skills and bring your talent to its full potential!

How can I get into a Performing Arts course?

  The application process can be different from school to school, but auditions are usually a required to get into a full-time professional course. At Jazzart, we only accept new students through an audition process for our Full Time Courses. Ideally candidates should have 3 highers (including English) however natural facility and aptitude to your chosen career will always take precedence. We also have a learning support system in place for candidates that require it.

What can I do to prepare for an audition?

  Our audition process involves preparing a song and a monologue. You will take part in the following classes: Ballet, Jazz, Vocal Ensemble and Drama Workshop. Our panel will also interview you. To make sure you are as prepared as you can be for an audition, you can also read our tips here.

What if I don’t want to become a professional?

  Performing Arts is all about your passion. There are classes available for people of every age, from young children to adults. Our Part Time Academy is tailored to provide high-standard training by some of the Full-Time course teachers. Academy students also take part of showcases and productions.

Will I be able to make a living out of Performing Arts?

  If that’s what you want, then yes. The Performing Arts industry hires professionals all around the globe. You can have a very busy career by traveling the world to perform and become a successful professional at an international level. At Jazzart, we are extremely proud of our hiring rate, as 100% of the 2019 class is now in contract. Some of our Jazzart superstars have been performing in world-famous productions and have very successful careers in the industry. It’s a common concern for both parents and students to know if this particular career choice will make them employable – put in the hard work to see the results you want. We can assure you it’s very much a career and we train our students to become hard working and dedicated performers to prepare them for the industry requirements.

How do I know I am getting the best training?

  The Jazzart Faculty is made of industry professionals with outstanding careers and achievements. Our mission is to provide our students with high standard training to ensure they are industry-ready at the end of their time with us. We also reinforce our training by welcoming industry experts to provide our students with insights on the professional working world and workshops led by casting directors to ensure our future graduates have as much audition experience as possible.

Can I try Jazzart before committing to a full-time course?

  Our Academy classes are a great way to see what the Jazzart training is like. Although Academy classes will not give you the full experience of a Full-Time course, they are led by some of the teachers that tutor the professional courses. Academy classes offer training in dance, drama and singing so you can get an idea of the exceptional training you would get with a professional course and make your decision after having given Academy classes a try!  

What should I wear?

Appropriate dance wear is expected for dance classes such as Ballet and Jazz. If you’re attending workshops, you should wear comfortable clothing. Make sure your hair is off your face at all times and that you are not wearing jewellery, as it is not allowed.  

Are there opportunities to perform while part of the full-time course?

Our students perform in productions that are held throughout the year! They are open to the public and we are proud to always see tremendous attendance at all of our productions and shows. Performing in front of the public is what we train you for, so shows and productions are an essential part of your training and are also an amazing way to showcase our incredibly talented students! Have a look on our website for more information about our different classes and courses!

How to prepare for an audition

At Jazzart, we encourage an ethic of hard work and the expectation of success. We believe in our students, and train them to achieve exceptional careers in the industry. Auditions allow us to see the potential in performers wanting to become students at Jazzart. We know auditions can be stressful and can put a lot of pressure on performers, which is why we have prepared some tips to ease your fears and blow away everyone in the room!

Be confident

Having all eyes on you, looking at your every move, should be a motivation to give it your best! If you believe in yourself and in your talent, it will show in your performance.

Be prepared

As much as improv can sometimes show creativity, you want to make sure your performance will be as polished as possible. Discipline is key, and hard work always pays off.

Practice makes perfect

Forgetting a step, or a line, not hitting a note… These things happen, especially under stressful conditions. But you can try and prevent that from happening by practicing until you get it right. And practicing again, until you can’t get it wrong!

There is always room for improvement

Our goal at Jazzart is to guide students into becoming industry professionals. When you come to auditions, we don’t expect perfection, or a professional performance. Our job is to get you there. So, don’t worry too much and put on the best show you can!

At Jazzart, we are here to give you all the resources you need to achieve greatness, train you until you become industry-ready and take on the performing world! We’re here to help you realize your ambitions!

We are holding an Open Audition Day for full time courses on Monday 10th February, use these tips and come show us the Jazzart superstar that’s in you!

Open Audition Day 2020

Want to know how to become a Jazzart superstar?

We’re holding open auditions at Jazzart Studios on Monday 10th February from 9.45am. Registration and waiting list are now open for 2020 entry!

Take part in dance, drama and vocal workshops with our highly professional faculty and see why Jazzart students are so successful and industry ready!

We pride ourselves in having many professional full-time courses. The Jazzart Training is unique with 100% of 2019 grads now in contract. Our training ensures that you’ll have the wide range of skills necessary to work towards your ambitions and fulfil your career dreams! Our scholarship programme ensures all students have access to funding to provide the skills necessary to work in the industry. Some of our past graduates include Mia Musakambeva (you can listen to her fabulous voice here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2DBqVRdXcMppCE2JP-3AHg!) who has appeared in The Steamie at the SSE Hydro and was part of the Footloose production on Norwegian Cruise Line. Katie MacFarlane was with us for a total of 17 years beginning in the part time school and then moving onto study HND Professional Dance Performance course for 2 years.  

We have lots of exciting things happening on the day. With a great mix of Musical Theatre, Dance and Acting, you’re in for a treat! Join Director Sheridan Nicol, Musical Theatre head Joanne Tulips, Ross Logan, Matt Grieh and an agency rep for a day not to be missed.


To apply now click here : http://jazzartuk.com/ at the top of our website!  

Freezin the Pantomime

Freezin is the must-see pantomime this Christmas with a twist on the original Frozen film franchise! Join Elsie, Annie, Rudy the Reindeer and a whole host of other characters for the perfect antidote to the run-up to Christmas.

Our Pro-Co actors have put together this magnificent Christmas bonanza and are going on tour with the panto too! Schools and clubs around Scotland will be full of Christmas cheer after seeing Freezin The Pantomime. Have a look at our social channels to see if we’re coming to a school or club near you!

This is an original Jazzart production with 2 performances at our very own studios. Come and see our 2 jam-packed performances on Freezin on Thursday 12th of December at 5.15pm and 7.15pm! Jazzart students can watch for free and for friends and family it is £4. Make sure to contact the Jazzart studios to get your tickets.

Jazzart bringing jingle bell joy to everyone!

Jazzartuk Jamboree Motherwell Show

The 40th Annual Jazzartuk Jamboree

Saturday 15th June, 7.30pm & Sunday 16th June, 6pm 

Tickets from £10. Available from Culture NL Box Office or Jazzartuk Office (07774 133 972)

MOTHERWELL CONCERT HALL – Windmillhill Street, Motherwell, ML1 1AB

Join over 250 students from age 3 and beyond from Jazzartuk, as they take to the stage and bring you a celebration of 40 years of performance excellence in the ‘Shire.

Just Jazzart 19

Jazzartuk Graduate Showcase

Watch some of Scotland’s finest young professionals take to the stage to showcase their talents.

Wednesday 29th May, 7pm at Webster’s Theatre Glasgow.

Tickets are £11.50 adults and £9.50 concessions and are available from the Jazzartuk Office or online on Webster’s Ticket Office.

Open & Audition Day

Is it your dream to see your name in lights one day?

Are you ready to take that leap and start your career in the industry?

Look no further than Scotland’s leading Independent College of Performing Arts!

We are holding open auditions at Jazzartuk Studios, on Saturday 22nd June from 10am. Registration and Waiting List are now open for 2019/20 entry!

Take part in dance, drama and vocal workshops with our highly professional faculty and see why Jazzartuk students are so successful and industry ready!

Beyond Broadway Bootcamp 2019

The 15th Jazzartuk College of Performing Arts


Monday 5th – Friday 9th August 2019

A 5 day intensive of Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance

Available to Inters age 9 and Pro Co age 12+

Learn from the best in the industry – line up of tutors and choreographers to be announced very soon!

£130 for the whole week – including two performance tickets for the Friday.

BOOK NOW! Places are very limited – 07774 133 972
Jazzartuk Beyond Broadway Logo

Sunshine Superheroes

Monday 8th July – Thursday 11th July
Monday 29th July – Thursday 1st August

Bring along your little Superheroes for a week of drama, dance, singing and creative arts! 

There will be a bring along a sibling or friend day plus a performance at the end where we’ll showcase all of our hard work for you! 

Suitable for ages 3 – 8 years, it’s only £55 for 4 days and £100 for both weeks. 

Contact 07976 202 383 or joanne.tulips@arkeen.co.uk to register.