A celebration of women in the performing arts industry : Part 3

Sheridan Nicol

Spanning 5 decades, Sheridan has worked in most entertainment and arts industries! From small scale touring to large scale productions, she is known throughout the world for her honest, no nonsense approach to creating quality, crafted, creative work. Founding Jazzart in 1994, from the Clark Theatre School, Sheridan has always encouraged young Scottish talent to follow their dreams. She is the boss!

Joanne Tulips

Joanne is our head of Musical Theatre. After touring professionally both as a dancer and an actress, Joanne set her sights on the launch of her own Theatre Company – Arkeen, which is now in its 13th year! Joanne creates professional school tours for various different education departments – inspiring younger students for the future!

Gillian Annettes

Gillian is our head of Drama who was a former pupil of the Clark Theatre School, also trained at The Royal Academy of Music and Drama. Her varied career has allowed her to work as an actor, director and choreographer. Along with her Jazzart career, Gillian has worked extensively in Arts & Education for Scottish Opera and MacRobert Arts Centre.

Caroline Graham

Caroline, who is our head of Ballet, has trained in all styles of dance from a young age. After graduating, Caroline danced in theatres in dance companies in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and throughout Europe with a career lasting 13 years. For the past 14 years, Caroline has been a freelance teacher, teaching within the central belt of Scotland!

Jazzart is not a one-stop shop. These amazing women prove to our students that there is no limit on what can be achieved! Their inspiration will carry on in the students of Jazzart and beyond!