FAQs in performing arts

Pursuing a Performing Arts full-time course is not exactly considered a “normal” degree. For both parents and students, we want to make it clear that a career in Performing Arts is as, if not more, rewarding as any other career. Everyone has different plans, different passions, and we are here to encourage any performer who wants to turn their passion into a legitimate career. We have put together this blog in the hopes of answering questions that are frequently asked about Performing Arts, and hopefully give more clarity on what full-time courses can really offer you.  

Do I need to have a special talent?

 The answer to that is yes and no. Yes, having an innate talent is certainly a gift and a bonus when it comes to Performing Arts. However, practice makes perfect, and if you rely solely on your talent and don’t train hard enough, you are very unlikely to achieve your goals. Hard work, discipline and practice are what will enhance your skills and bring your talent to its full potential!

How can I get into a Performing Arts course?

 The application process can be different from school to school, but auditions are usually a required to get into a full-time professional course. At Jazzart, we only accept new students through an audition process for our Full Time Courses. Ideally candidates should have 3 highers (including English) however natural facility and aptitude to your chosen career will always take precedence. We also have a learning support system in place for candidates that require it.

What can I do to prepare for an audition?

 Our audition process involves preparing a song and a monologue. You will take part in the following classes: Ballet, Jazz, Vocal Ensemble and Drama Workshop. Our panel will also interview you. To make sure you are as prepared as you can be for an audition, you can also read our tips here.

What if I don’t want to become a professional?

 Performing Arts is all about your passion. There are classes available for people of every age, from young children to adults. Our Part Time Academy is tailored to provide high-standard training by some of the Full-Time course teachers. Academy students also take part of showcases and productions.

Will I be able to make a living out of Performing Arts?

 If that’s what you want, then yes. The Performing Arts industry hires professionals all around the globe. You can have a very busy career by traveling the world to perform and become a successful professional at an international level. At Jazzart, we are extremely proud of our hiring rate, as 100% of the 2019 class is now in contract. Some of our Jazzart superstars have been performing in world-famous productions and have very successful careers in the industry. It’s a common concern for both parents and students to know if this particular career choice will make them employable – put in the hard work to see the results you want. We can assure you it’s very much a career and we train our students to become hard working and dedicated performers to prepare them for the industry requirements.

How do I know I am getting the best training?

 The Jazzart Faculty is made of industry professionals with outstanding careers and achievements. Our mission is to provide our students with high standard training to ensure they are industry-ready at the end of their time with us. We also reinforce our training by welcoming industry experts to provide our students with insights on the professional working world and workshops led by casting directors to ensure our future graduates have as much audition experience as possible.

Can I try Jazzart before committing to a full-time course?

 Our Academy classes are a great way to see what the Jazzart training is like. Although Academy classes will not give you the full experience of a Full-Time course, they are led by some of the teachers that tutor the professional courses. Academy classes offer training in dance, drama and singing so you can get an idea of the exceptional training you would get with a professional course and make your decision after having given Academy classes a try! 

What should I wear?

Appropriate dance wear is expected for dance classes such as Ballet and Jazz. If you’re attending workshops, you should wear comfortable clothing. Make sure your hair is off your face at all times and that you are not wearing jewellery, as it is not allowed. 

Are there opportunities to perform while part of the full-time course?

Our students perform in productions that are held throughout the year! They are open to the public and we are proud to always see tremendous attendance at all of our productions and shows. Performing in front of the public is what we train you for, so shows and productions are an essential part of your training and are also an amazing way to showcase our incredibly talented students! Have a look on our website for more information about our different classes and courses!