How to Prepare for an Audition

At Jazzart, we encourage an ethic of hard work and the expectation of success. We believe in our students, and train them to achieve exceptional careers in the industry. Auditions allow us to see the potential in performers wanting to become students at Jazzart. We know auditions can be stressful and can put a lot of pressure on performers, which is why we have prepared some tips to ease your fears and blow away everyone in the room!

Be confident

Having all eyes on you, looking at your every move, should be a motivation to give it your best! If you believe in yourself and in your talent, it will show in your performance.

Be prepared

As much as improv can sometimes show creativity, you want to make sure your performance will be as polished as possible. Discipline is key, and hard work always pays off.

Practice makes perfect

Forgetting a step, or a line, not hitting a note… These things happen, especially under stressful conditions. But you can try and prevent that from happening by practicing until you get it right. And practicing again, until you can’t get it wrong!

There is always room for improvement

Our goal at Jazzart is to guide students into becoming industry professionals. When you come to auditions, we don’t expect perfection, or a professional performance. Our job is to get you there. So, don’t worry too much and put on the best show you can!

At Jazzart, we are here to give you all the resources you need to achieve greatness, train you until you become industry-ready and take on the performing world! We’re here to help you realize your ambitions!

We are holding an Open Audition Day for full time courses on Monday 10th February, use these tips and come show us the Jazzart superstar that’s in you!