Is it worth attending a performing arts college online?

There’s a lot of pre-pandemic discussion about attending a performing arts college online and whether or not they’re worth it. Generally, the answer was a strong maybe with the main drawbacks being a lack of real time interaction with instructors or other students (if any at all) and the absence of a concrete qualification or certificate at the end.

However, in a mid-pandemic world, it is possible to get both of those things, along with the convenience of training at home, with our courses at Jazzart. While we look forward to being back in the studio with our students as soon as possible, attending performing arts college classes online isn’t as bad as you might think.

How Does Online Education Work at Jazzart?

Even with the move online, our classes are still live and there’s real-time feedback instructors from instructors. This ensures students are continually receiving guidance on how to improve and no skills are stagnating while we’re unable to meet in person.

Students can reach out to tutors to get more guidance beyond the scheduled practice times, and the move online has allowed us to bring in some new guest tutors as well!

What to Expect in Online Theatre Classes:

Classes online run in largely the same way as they would in a studio. Students are expected to come to the class in appropriate attire and be ready to learn.

Online performing arts zoom class attire

In order to support learning online, students will need a computer or tablet that they can properly see and participate on. Having the ability to record and edit videos is also useful for participating in some of our digital activities.

For any movement-based classes, having a space that is safe to move in and without trip hazards is ideal. We know not everyone has a great space for this, but it may be a good motivation to declutter and feng-shui the room a bit.

Benefits of Studying Performance Online:

While at the moment it’s a necessity to be moved online, our students and tutors are finding some benefits to this adjustment.

  1. No Commute: Time spent getting to and from the studio is officially yours to take back. While this sounds minimal, it really can give you more time for other professional-related pursuits. Our students have enjoyed being able to dedicate more time to creating showreels or practicing for auditions.
  2. No Forgetting Supplies: Ever showed up to the studio and realised you brought the wrong type of dance shoes or forgot your hair-tie? Well, when you’re working from home, all the supplies you need are probably in the next room.
  3. It’s still real time: You’re still learning in real time with instructors and engaging with other students, so you’re not missing out on any of the group dynamics that you would want from an in-person performance class.
  4. Pushing you out of a Comfort Zone: Performers are frequently pushed out of their comfort zone and encouraged to take risks. While learning online may not be the first choice for many, learning to lean into that uncertainty rather than run from it is a skill that will help you in the long run.
  5. Digital Skills are the Future: As so much of the world moves online, this change of mode for studying the arts may push you to think more innovatively about how the digital world and performance can come together in your future careers.

Real Student Opinions about Studying Acting Online:

“I feel we are so lucky to still get the chance to learn and do what we love in a more modern way. There is definitely more time to focus on personal performance studies and have that prepared for when we can go back out and audition.” – Mia

“I’ve found that rehearsing at home has allowed me more free time to work on things for myself such as showreels, etc” – Katy

If you’re thinking about pursing the arts and want to find out more about how Jazzart is operating online, get in touch.