Lockdown Round Up

We have thoroughly enjoyed lockdown with all of you, and as we head towards a new norm, how will this affect us going forward? We’ve seen creatives burst into life with new ideas of how to reach an audience during lockdown and we’ve certainly acclimated! 

Let’s check out how it was all made possible…

The Industry

At the start of lockdown, theatres and music halls closed their doors. We were able to perform our No Limits show in March, to a full house just before the announcement of lockdown and we are forever grateful for this. It was a very unusual time for many of us. The UK’s arts industry contributes more than £32.3 billion a year to the economy, employing around 2 million people so to shut the industry down was a very daunting process.

With social distancing in place, it seemed like the world of performing arts would never be the same again. How do we re-establish live performances in this new age?

Jazzart and the industry online

With most of us staying indoors at the start of lockdown, we saw a shift in the way the performing arts industry displayed their material. We had films being released straight to streaming sites instead of cinemas, we had live performances of stage shows such as Hamilton and we had new performances based solely on lockdown. At Jazzart, we had to find a new way of displaying our material.

Moving our classes online was a big change for us however we all worked together to make it an experience we’ll never forget! Whether it was our weekend Dramarama classes or our ProCo Zoom classes, everyone put in 110% effort. Here’s what our Head of Musical Theatre Joanne said about our Dramarama sessions : “Dramarama took on a new look for me and my family for 12 weeks! During lockdown our house and garden transformed into a studio and sometimes a stage! The effort everyone watching put in each week (young and old) was fantastic and I would like to say a huge thank you to each and everyone.”

Student participation

During lockdown, for many of us, it’s been hard to keep motivated. However, our students have come out on top! Work is beginning to resume overseas, and some have even started new contracts.

A statement from our MD : “I could not be more proud of Jazzart’s dedicated students who worked with focus and determination throughout lockdown to strengthen and improve both technically and in performance.”

Going forward

We are slowly, but surely, reopening the studio one step at a time and our new timetable is available now! We are adapting daily and want Jazzart to be a safe and happy haven. With some classes having resumed within the studio, we can’t wait to welcome the rest of you back! No matter your age, if you would like to enrol with us this year or would like to try out one of our classes, head on over to our website (https://jazzartuk.com/) to take a look or call 07774 133 972 for more information!