A Note from our Creative Director

In these challenging times you have to dig deep and hold onto your dreams.
Surviving 50 years in the arts and entertainment I am dismayed that so many talented young professionals are thinking there is no hope for them to fulfil either their performing or career ambitions after only three months of lockdown. Every area of industry is going to be challenged during and after the current pandemic, from high academia to crafted tradesmen things will change, this is not necessarily a negative force as change is good, so let’s embrace it and take our artistry into a new age.
Here at Jazzart we have always developed talented working performers who are prepared to master their art and create lifelong careers.
2020 should be looked on as a chance to develop long overdue changes to many aspects of both the arts and entertainment industries and with Jazzart’s no nonsense approach and structured development of learning we will strive to help our graduates successfully emerge in a new age of creative development and production.
Over the years I have resisted opportunities to offer a degree course at Jazzart, mainly due to the fact that just when students should be fine tuning their practical performance skills – they have to write about it; this and the fact that many young performers change direction once they are industry active has made me realize that our in-depth professional Diplomas deliver the skills to succeed and the freedom to engage in further study as our graduates mature without incurring debt.
I have always been known for my no-nonsense approach to the industry and am fortunate to still be actively involved in television production during the current crisis.
Jazzart works tirelessly to help you on your pathway to success, with industry active teachers who have dedicated their lives to their vocation, you can be assured of a caring and honest environment in which to experiment in all aspects of performance.
WE care – not pander. No gimmicks – No false promises
Jazzart -Then – Now – Forever

Dr Sheridan Nicol M.A.