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Through diverse productions and projects we will guide you from class to performance, adapting the many technical skills you will learn and turning them into performance excellence with the support of professional and personal development to sustain you as a professional performer within a very diverse industry.


Classical Ballet

The foundation of all dance, classical ballet develops an understanding of stance, placement, centering and weight transference. Students at Jazzart are encouraged to enter for Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) examinations to Advanced level in addition to their SQA certification.

Anatomy and Injury prevention are delivered in tandem with classical ballet. Understanding how to avoid injury is a major part of any performers life. An anatomical understanding of your own body is paramount to an injury free career.

Body Conditioning – a whole body workout aimed at improving overall fitness. Body con involves high impact, high energy exercise combining aerobics and toning, developing strength, muscular endurance and physical conditioning.

BODY CON helps

*improve your body’s tone

*improve your physical fitness

*improve your cardio vascular system

*provide a lasting sense of wellbeing and inner calm

*raise your consciousness

Contemporary / Creative

Horton and Graham based techniques are part of Jazzart’s curriculum. In addition to understanding weight and energy transference, the importance of  core strength and the development of movement sequences students create their own work researching different genres of music and styles. The delivery of contemporary technique runs in tandem with the Choreography Unit.

Students are encouraged to create their own work from term 1. Jazzart encourages originality and creative development in all areas of study and on all courses. Choreographic/ creative sessions are mentored by senior staff members.


Jazzart students study both Broadway Tap and American Rhythm Tap developing competence in different tap styles. Our students build a vocabulary of steps and rhythms developing a versatile performance repertoire of current percussive trends. The dynamic of tap enhances rhythmic understanding in all styles of dance.

Following in the footsteps of our founder Bette Clark (undefeated Tap Dance World Dance Champion) Jazzart continues to promote the art of American Rhythm Tap

Commercial/ Lyrical/Heels including

Jazzart incorporates all current styles of dance and choreography as part of their weekly timetable. Commercial dance is widely seen on television and pop promos and changes in style regularly.

Industry active guest choreographers present workshops throughout the year, with many Jazzart Grads returning to the studios to recreate work they have performed professionally throughout the world.

Students showcase their commercial work annually and from August 2020 it will be part of the Dance for the digital age unit.

Hip -Hop

The Hip -Hop culture covers many styles: rising from the streets of the South Bronx in the 70’s hip hop dance emerged alongside M.C ing, Graffiti and Poetry developing throughout the years to become the mainstay of popular music and film it is today.

Styles include

*Popping & Locking

* Whacking






Whether coming from a street or gymnastic background the ability to do a trick is now a requirement of the dance industry…..from a walkover, ariel or back flip to ribbon work  a trick is now a major part of any freestyling in audition. We encourage our students to add to the specialist workshops we run throughout the year and enroll in short specialist courses.


In addition to dance study Pro Dance students participate in

*Acting for Dancers

* Ensemble vocals

*Audition Technique

*Professional Development

*Masterclasses from guest industry professionals

*Concerts & Corporate events

*Pantomime tour


Jazzart's training is delivered with the highest attainment standards expected from all students in all disciplines. We will take you out your comfort zone and be nurtured to improve skills you currently struggle with and develop those areas that are your strengths.

The ability to integrate your skills in performance

Preparation for audition for employment or places at Higher Education establishments

To develop as a performer & be able to meet the needs of the market

Gain the confidence needed in varying dance skills


Monitoring of progress will be continuous. The student will receive reports from each of their subject tutors. In addition, the course director will oversee their progress.

All productions, presentations & projects will be assessed by the relevant tutors & feedback will be given immediately to the student once the work is completed.

Jazzartuk is recognised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education as a national training scheme & a model of Good Practice.

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