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With its origins and roots in the Scottish School of Musical Theatre founded by Bette Clark in 1946, Jazzartuk continues the work of seven decades and is committed to providing the highest quality of theatre arts training for young performers in the 'Shires'.

What We Offer

No gimmicks -- no false promises -- just satisfying hard work and national achievement.

From our Tiny Twisters programme (age 3+) to our professional and vocational training, Jazzartuk provides top quality teaching at all stages in all disciplines.

Now established as Scotland's leading centre for professional excellence, our full-time courses in Professional Dance Perfomance and Musical Theatre are delivered bysome of the very best in the industry. We offer Higher National Diploma Courses (over 2 years) and Higher National Certificate Courses (over 1 year) and we are now auditioning for places starting in August 2017.

Professional Theatre Arts training in the heart of Scotland

Our mission.. to introduce young performers to the disciplines necessary to progress into a career in the theatre.

We aim to:

+ give students experience of performance at a professional level;
+ develop performance skills in dance, singing and drama to a cogent standard;
+ provide the skills necessary to maintain the level of technical and artistic competence, personal health and safety required to progress to further training or into the profession;
+ to develop the ability in students to work effectively with fellow performers and with directors, producers, choreographers and technical staff and provide the skills to enable students to take responsibility for their professional development;
+ to develop self-confidence and self-belief in your own ability as a professional; and
+ to encourage an ethic of hard work and the expectation of success.

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Just Jazzart 2, Friday 19th May 2017, Websters Theatre, Great Western Road, Glasgow, 7.30pm

JazzartUK's fabulous graduate Showcase 2017, Book now to see Scotland Stars of the future.

Summer bootcamp 2016 with the fabulous Gayle Telfer Stevens (River City - BBC River City and The Dolls - We Are The Dolls), Matthew Grieh from Got A Dance plus international guests.

Showcase - tickets available from Websters Box Office and directly from Jazzart UK Head Office

Boogie Nights - tickets available from Motherwell Theatre (Culture NL) and also from Jazzart UK Head Office

Summer School - tickets available from Jazzart UK Head Office only

Audition Dates for 2017

Friday 31st March
Friday 26th May
Friday 4th August

Private audition by appointment

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Musical Theatre Course Outline

Singing / Voice Production

A vital & unique feature of Musical Theatre. The aim of the singing lesson is to ensure that the student can produce a consistent sound throughout the vocal range without a noticeable break between registers. We aim to assist the student in building up a repertoire featuring musical theatre, blues, jazz & contemporary songs. Focus will be placed on material suitable for different kinds of auditions likely to be encountered.

Acting / Drama Workshops

The acting module focusses on encouraging the student to perform in a convincing & true to character way by:

Developing imagination, concentration & observation
Developing effective, disciplined work as a member of a team
Building confidence in using a wide range of acting styles & techniques

Improvisations & exercises to explore life experienced will be used to inspire understanding of a character. There are individual tutorials on audition speeches included.

Allows the student to create & develop characters, script & relationships. A good knowledge of their own role in the class & the constant development of group respect & aspirations are paramount to creating exciting & believable performances.

Graded Unit: Musical Theatre

The Graded Unit is designed to provide evidence that the candidate has achieved the following principal aims of the course:

Skills in singing, movement, acting & stagecraft.
The ability to integrate these skill in performance.
Preparation for audition for employment or places at Higher Education establishments.
To develop the student as a performer & be able to meet the needs of the market.

The student will prepare & present an audition consisting of a monologue, a song & a dance or movement piece. The song, acting & dance pieces may be combined where appropriate. The monologue & song must be chosen from published material. The combined time of all pieces should be approximately 5 – 7 minutes long & should enable the synthesis of knowledge & skills acquired throughout the year. The student will have a mentor that will approve their material & guide them through the production of their piece.


Monitoring of progress will be continuous. The student will receive reports from each of their subject tutors. In addition, the course director will oversee their progress.

All productions, presentations & projects will be assessed by the relevant tutors & feedback will be given immediately to the student once the work is completed.

Jazzartuk is recognised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education as a national training scheme & a model of Good Practice.

HND Musical Theatre Candidates

You are expected to prepare:

- A monologue
- A solo song - any style (you must bring the backing track)

You will also take part in:
- A jazz/commercial dance workshop
- Ensemble vocal workshop
- Drama Workshop

Please come dressed to dance.

Professional Dance Course Outline

Jazz Dance

Jazzartuk’s unique training scheme aims to develop flexibility & strength, to enable performance with energy, speed, stamina, co-ordination & control. The student will gain the confidence necessary for auditions & to work in varying jazz dance skills including Hip-Hop, Street Dance & Lyrical.

Classical Ballet

This is the foundation for all other dance disciplines. Classical Ballet aims to develop an understanding of stance, placement & turn-out. The student will focus on understanding how to avoid injury during this module. Year 1 dance students are encouraged to achieve their Intermediate certificate, with year 2 students entered to Advanced 1 certification.

Contemporary/Creative Dance

Horton & Cunningham-based contemporary are part of Jazzartuk’s dance certification. This aids the delivery of energy through an understanding of weight transference to enhance performance – the essence of all performance is energy transfer through centred movement. The student will create their own work, researching different genres of music & styles. All choreographic modules are mentored by senior staff members. The student will be encouraged to create their own work on all Jazzartuk’s vocational courses.

Tap Dance

The student will build a vocabulary of steps & be able to provide a repertoire of combinations. They will develop competence in different tap styles & be versatile performers with a sense of dynamics. Following in the footsteps of our founder Bette Clark (undefeated Tap Dance World Champion), Jazzartuk continues to promote the art of American Rhythm Tap.

Graded Unit: Professional Dance Performance

Performance skills are developed across the vast majority of the individual units, a number of which include the requirement for formal & informal demonstration of skills, in front of an assessor and/or appropriate audience. This helps to develop the student as a performer and develops awareness of:

- Self-Presentation
- Confidence
- Self-Evaluation

Self-evaluative skills are developed through an integrated approach to evaluation. This includes the use of personal progress records (log books) which are monitored & assessed regularly. The aim is to provide the student with the skills & discipline necessary to identify areas of strength & weakness in their performance & recognise opportunities to produce strategies & targets for improvement.

Choreographic skills are integrated into the various mandatory dance technique & performance & production units. There are further opportunities to develop choreographic skills in the optional units, should the student desire.

All Professional Dance Performance students participate in singing/voice production & acting/drama workshops, improvisation workshops & audition technique (incorporating monologues & ensemble singing). The school also runs regular guest tutor workshops with top Choreographers & Directors from all areas of the industry.


Monitoring of the student’s progress will be continuous. The student will receive reports from each of their subject tutors. In addition, the course director will feedback on their progress.

All productions, presentations & projects will be assessed by the tutors involved & feedback will be given to the student immediately after the work is completed.

Jazzartuk is recognised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education as a national training scheme & a model of Good Practice.

HND Dance candidates

Will participate in:

- A classical ballet workshop
- A jazz/commercial dance workshop
- Ensemble vocal workshop
- Drama Workshop
Have a solo dance prepared in a style of your choice.

Please come dressed to dance.

2017 Open Day



We invite you to our free day of dance, drama, singing and performance delivered by JazzartUK's Team of top industry professionals.

You can now become part of JazzartUK's renowned team of performers.


5-7 years and 8-11 years:
10am - 12noon

12+ and 16+ Advanced Performance:
12:15pm - 2:30pm

To register email your child's details (Name, Age/Date of birth, Address, Telephone, Email) to

Telephone: 07774 133972

544 Windmillhill Street
Motherwell, ML1 2AU

We are always looking for exciting and dynamic new people to join the team here at Jazzartuk!

Right now we are looking for people with experience in:

Hip Hop/Street
Vocal Coaching
We are also looking for a Part-Time Cleaner to join the team.

Please e-mail your C.V along with a covering letter to

This year, Jazzartuk has launched two new full-time scholarship programmes:

The Bette Clark Scholarship for Performing Arts (For Girls)

Jazzartuk as it is known today, was originally founded by Bette Clark - born in Larkhall in 1927 and trained at the world renowned McEwan's Studio in Glasow.

Miss Clark was the British and UK tap and theatre dance champion at junior, senior and adult level and was chosen to perform at Radio City NYC in 1938 with many of the greats from the golden era of Broadway.

Miss Clark worked professionally as a performer and choreographer, who supplied dance troupes to the famous Glasgow Empire and theatres throughout the Scottish and Northern circuits.

The Bette Clark School of Dance was created directly after World War II. She founded the school to help younger performers from the area fulfil their dreams and ambitions to become professional performers.

During her time as a teacher and examiner, Miss Clark was instrumental in creating the educational dance syllabus for Modern Theatre, Tap and Ballet. The syllabus was taught across the country and is still the basis of dance teaching for the majority of qualified teachers now working across Scotland.

Through the years, Miss Clark inspired many of today's top professionals not only to dance but to explore other avenues and pathways to a successful career in the theatre.

On this, the celebratory 70th anniversary year of her vision, we honour her with a scholarship in her memory.

The Raymond Kaye Scholarship for Dance (For Boys)

In honour of his dedication, directness, phenomenal technique, guidance and true friendship. Jazzartuk offers this scholarship to celebrate his artistry.

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