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Dreaming of your name in Lights – Jazzart can help no matter your financial situation. Jazzart is proud of the 100% pass rate and produces one of the highest rates of working Grads in the UK.

Scholarship and Funding

24 Scholarships available for the 2024 academic year.

As one of Scotland’s first independent centres of excellence we offer scholarships for our HNC and HND Musical Theatre and Professional Dance for Commercial Performance courses. Jazzart wants you to be able to study no matter your circumstances or background.

Our scholarships allow you to choose Jazzart, where the students employability post study is the driving force behind our timetable. Jazzart is small but packs a punch with connections in every aspect of the Performing Arts World ensuring you are an HND qualification away from your first contract!

Don’t let finances, stop your dream. We offer Fully funded places on both our Musical Theatre and Professional Dance for Commercial Performance courses, to allow you the freedom to chose a college that suits your needs!

Scholarships are essential in today’s climate to allow those who may not have the financial backing to consider a specialised private college. 

As a dedicated performing arts college, Jazzart seeks professional opportunities while you study, and many of our students perform in seasonal productions during the course of their studies preparing you for the future.

"without a Jazzart scholarship, I would have been unable to access the specialised training of this private college"

Looking for Grants, Bursaries or Funding?

These are names of fundamentally the same thing. A form of payment. A way to study without cost. Scholarships is an additional method of funding, and more details can be found below for our Jazzart Scholarships


  • You should be under 25 years of age
  • You should hold nationality for the UK or EU (Ireland) 
  • You should be a UK or EU (Ireland) full time resident for the last 5 years
  • You should be progressing your education further
  • You should be attending an approved course in an approved institution


Scottish Students under 25 years are eligible for free education. This is government provided school, college, or university. Private school, college and universities are supported by The Student Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) is Scotland’s student funding agency. They provide government money to colleges and universities to pay for your course tuition fee’s.  Additional support for living expenses while studying may be applicable in the form of a Bursary, living costs support or student loan. All government funding must be applied for by the Student directly. Please note student who are eligible for SAAS have the payment paid directly to Jazzart. 

More information can be found on the SAAS website

English students wishing to study in Scotland can find support options and more information on the Gov UK website

Welsh students wishing to study in Scotland can find support options and more information on Gov Wales website

Irish students wishing to study in Scotland can find support and more information on the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) website

International students wishing to Study in Scotland will need to research their government websites to establish if any overseas study funding is available.

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Why Jazzart Scholarships

Jazzart wants students to study performing arts no matter your financial situation or background. We offer funding assistance in the form of scholarships to assist students in the payment of tuition fees.

Jazzart Scholarships are yearly awards and can be either Full or Part funding of tuition Fee’s. Scholarships are awarded to students who audition and are successfully offered a full-time place in either our Musical Theatre or Professional Dance for Commercial Performance courses. 

Scholarship awards are based around the student’s ability to pay tuition fees. Those who struggle financially can be considered for both full and part funding based on personal circumstances.

This is why we are offering an unprecedented 24 scholarships for the 2024 academic year! With August entry around the corner and places offered on a first come first served basis – don’t miss out and apply today! 

Fully Funded Jazzart Scholarships: 

Our full funding is for the remaining tuition fees after Registration Fee and SAAS or equivalent Payment. 


  • You should be under 25 years of age
  • You should be SAAS or equivalent Eligible 
  • You should have experience in Performing Arts/Dance
  • International Students would be required to meet the SAAS or equivalent funding payments

Part Funded Jazzart Scholarships: 

Our part funding is to support financially towards tuition fees after registration and SAAS Payment. E.g. Your current dance/MT classes cost x and you 


  • You should be under 25 years of age
  • You should have experience in Performing Arts/Dance

"my Jazzart training was extensive and prepared me for a competitive industry and offered me connections for the first step in my career"


Anyone! Like all education there is options to study by government means or privately. We are though an SQA Centre of excellence providing further education since 2011. As a specialised private college of performing arts our fee’s reflect this. Our Fee’s are heavily subsidised as we are a charitable organization and want to be fair and encouraging of young people to study in an industry that is outside the academic terms. As creatives we encourage everyone to consider a career in performing arts, knowing that scholarships may be the only way to do so. Apply Today for your first step to the career of your dreams.

e.g. You are a UK resident of 5 years+, 16 years old and currently receive government help to attend school and enjoy drama and singing and want to leave school to study further. Upon successful audition and receiving a full-time place, you would be considered for a Jazzart scholarship, and a full or part funded scholarship would be awarded.   

e.g. You are 18 years old and have attend a performing arts school for weekly dance classes since you were 4 years old and would like to study further but can’t afford to pay any more than you currently do. Upon successful audition and receiving a full-time place, you would be considered for a Jazzart scholarship, and a full or part funded scholarship would be awarded.   

Please note in all Scholarship awards, your SAAS payment goes directly to Jazzart (equivalent payment amount would be paid as agreed) and you are required to pay the registration fee of £295. In one year of scholarship, you can obtain an HNC qualification and in subsequent years an HND. Scholarship awards would need to be reapplied on a yearly basis.

Jazzart Scholarships are to assist in paying for tuition fees only. Travel and accommodation costs while studying would be paid for by the student. Student Bursaries, Student Living Costs and Student Loans can be awarded based on personal circumstances to cover your travel and accommodation costs.  

e.g. Fully Funded Scholarship awarded students will pay ONLY the £295 registration fee. (SAAS direct payment and Jazzart Scholarship award will fund the remaining Fee’s) 

e.g. Part Funded Scholarship awarded student will pay £295 Registration fee, balance of fees after the scholarship award amount has been deducted from the tuition fee’s

Tuition fees are payable yearly. Each year is broken into term time which is 10 months. 

Fees are due on the 1st of each Term month. Once your fee’s have been reduced by the part funded scholarship amount you would pay the remaining balance each term time month. 

Courses can vary from 1 – 2 years and tuition fees are applicable by year and not by course.

Scholarships Now Available

24 for 2024

apply now to Scotlands premier performing arts centre